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Licensed Auctioneer #818
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D.J. (Hound Dog) Dixon
Alabama Auctioneer License # 818

Licensed Auctioneer since 1980s.

Give Hound Dog a call and let him bark
up the bidders for your auction.

256-773-4364         256-773-4DOG         256-221-8785


  1. Is the Hound Dog an auctioneer?  Yes,  AL Lc#818 and may be reached at 256-773-4Dog (4364)
  2. Is the Hound Dog a radio personality?  Hound Dog over the years has been a radio personality but his main interest today is in building the Event Center at Hound Dog Country and the auction business.
  3. Where does the name Hound Dog come from?  Long story
  4. What is Hound Dog's birth name?  DJ, as in a radio DJ.
  5. How is Hound Dog's mother doing?  She turns 82 this year and still going strong.  She stays busy with her gardens and housework.  Sometimes she can be found on the road working with the Hound Dog.

Hound Dog Country
PO Box 121
Hartselle, Al 35640



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